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Immigration Bonds in Houston, TX

When a loved one is detained for an immigration-related offense, you may fear the worst. If your family needs time to handle a serious situation like this, consult Freebird Bail Bonds. We offer specialized immigration bonds in Houston, TX. Should the detainee in question be eligible for release, you can depend on us to ensure that this process is completed swiftly and smoothly. After more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the field of bail bonds, we can safely say that they understand the bond system inside and out. An immigration bail bondsman from our company is proud to partner with you throughout every step of the release, ensuring your family member spends as little time detained as possible.

The Importance of Immigration Bail Bonds

Non-US citizens can become easily confused regarding the laws surrounding immigration. This is why we make it our mission to aid the detained and their loved ones in navigating the procedures and processes necessary for swift release. Bonds that are made directly to governments agencies require that the full amount be paid in full in a cash equivalent, like a cashier's check. 

While you have the option to pay the full amount of the bond on your own, you may not actually have the financial resources to do so. This is when you must consider seeking out immigration bail bonds from a company like ours. While we require a co-signer to guarantee the bond on behalf of the detained, only a fraction of the amount must be paid in order for us to process the bond. 

Courtroom in Houston, TX

Immigration Bail Bondsman Offering Speedy Service

There's no reason why your loved one should have to spend any longer than absolutely necessary in detainment. Allow this family member to face the prospect of criminal charges, or even deportation, from the comfort of home by consulting a knowledgeable bondsman at your earliest convenience. Once all proceedings are resolved, the money you provided for the bond is returned to you. 

Take Advantage of Speedy ICE Bail Bonds

ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This group of immigration police serves the federal government by enforcing immigration laws. Once detained by ICE, your loved one won't have to wait long for a bail amount to be set. To expedite the bond process, reach out to us as soon as your family member is picked up by the ICE. As soon as a bail amount is determined, we are able to begin processing ICE bail bonds. 

When it comes to immigration-related charges, take advantage of the expertise offered by Freebird Bail Bonds. Contact us and ensure the speedy release of your loved one or family member. We proudly serve the bail bond needs of Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Spring, and Richmond, Texas.

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