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Cash Bonds in Houston, TX

Those facing criminal charges shouldn't be forced to prepare for upcoming trials from the confines of jail cells. Recently arrested individuals are owed the right to release upon certain grounds. As long as assurance that you will continue to appear for scheduled court dates is provided, a judge will grant you the release you desire. Freebird Bail Bonds is proud to provide clients with cash bonds in Houston, TX. For more than 30 years, the bondsmen from our team have provided the swift and smooth service necessary to post bail in a timely manner. After serving in our community for so long, we are uniquely equipped to work with local authorities in an attempt to expedite the release process.

Signing Bond Forms in Houston, TX

What Make Cash Bail Bonds So Different?

Unlike typical surety bonds, cash bail bonds require that you pay more than just a fraction of the bail. As the name indicates, a cash bond requires that the full amount of the bail be paid up front and in cash. Once the bond is paid, the money is held by the court for the duration proceedings until the case is concluded. The money for the bail acts as an assurance that the arrested individual will continue to appear for their scheduled court dates even after they are released. Should you fail to make one of your hearings, then your bail is revoked and you are rearrested.

Common Reasons the Court Requires Cash Only Bonds

While many clients don't choose this type of bond, it is sometimes required by the court based on the circumstances surrounding the case. The following are some of the reasons why a judge might insist that a cash only bond is necessary:

  • Defendant Proves a Potential Flight Risk
  • Defendant Failed to Pay a Fine for a Past Case
  • Defendant Failed to Appear at Prior Court Dates
  • Defendant Was Arrested for an Out of Jurisdictional Warrant

Consult a Cash Bail Bondsman at Your Earliest Convenience

While you may have the resources to pay a bond in full, there are benefits to using a middleman. Posting bail through a cash bail bondsman like us ensures the courts never use the money paid to cover other fees accrued by the defendant. Whether this means past fines or court costs, you can rest easy knowing the money you give us will only be appropriated to the cover the bond. 

Swiftly secure cash bail bonds with the help of Freebird Bail Bonds. Contact us at your earliest convenience or pay by phone to expedite the bail process. We serve clients from Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Spring, and Richmond, Texas.

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