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Bail Bondsman in Houston, TX

As if facing criminal charges isn't stressful enough, navigating unfamiliar release procedures can make this difficult time even more overwhelming. It is important that the detained and their loved ones understand how to post bail, and the role that bonds play in the posting process. To ensure you know exactly how to proceed after an initial arrest, consult a qualified bail bondsman in Houston, TX.

At Freebird Bail Bonds, we make it our mission to provide clients with swift, professional service day-in and day-out. Over careers spanning more than 30 years, the bondsmen at our business have become adept at issuing a wide range of different bonds. From arrest to conviction and even through appeals, we continue to deliver the help you need at every step of the case. 

Bond Agent in Houston, TX

Bail Bondsmen Boasting Decades of Experience

When it comes to the prospect of jail time, the incarcerated should be able to prepare for the trials ahead from the comfort of home. To guarantee release, it is essential that you post the set bail appointed by a judge with the assistance of bail bondsmen. Following the arrest of an individual, there is bail hearing in which a judge determines an amount that is appropriate for the bond.

A number of factors go into determining the terms of the bail, including the character of the defendant, past criminal charges, and much more. No matter how high the bail is set, a bail bond agent from our team can help you create a plan of action perfectly suited to the situation you face. 

Why Complete the Bond Process Through a Bail Bond Agent?

While you may have the financial resources to post the entirety of a bail bond on your own, this isn't a wise decision. Should you cosign as a guarantee for a bond, then you are held liable for the full amount in the circumstance that the defendant skips bail. Using a middleman like a bond agency is an easy way to protect your financial interests when providing assurance on behalf of a detained individual.

Consult a Bond Agent Offering Payment Plans

With the help of a bond agent like ours, you are ensured a smooth and swift release process. If you are unable to pay the full percentage or price of the bond up front, then you don't have to worry. Our company is proud to offer convenient payment plans on behalf of qualifying clients.

Ensure your loved one is released from jail as soon as possible by consulting an experienced bail bondsman. Contact Freebird Bail Bonds to learn more about the different bonds we offer. Our service area includes Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Spring, and Richmond, Texas.

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