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Appearance Bail Bonds in Houston, TX

A run-in with the law may leave you facing jail time. If you are unsure how to proceed after an arrest, you have nothing to fear. Freebird Bail Bonds is happy to help you navigate the complicated process of bail. By allowing us to handle the task, you are sure to be released in a timely manner. Our local company is proud to provide some of the swiftest appearance bail bonds in Houston, TX.

Depending upon the details of your arrest, we may be able to get you out in the same day that you reach out to us. Once the bail amount is set by a judge, we are able to proceed with the bond process. A cosigner is required to guarantee the bond, and we may require additional security before we process the bond. Even if you are unable to pay the full amount of the bail, we have you covered.

Appearance Bail Bondsman with Impressive Experience

When it comes to something as serious as criminal charges, you shouldn't mess around. Getting out of jail and meeting with an attorney should be your first priority. For fast release, there's no one you can trust more than an appearance bail bondsman from our team. We boast more than 30 years' of hands-on experience in bail bonds, allowing us to handle even the most sensitive of situations with ease. 

What Is an Appearance Bond?

After you are arrested, an initial bond hearing is arranged. This hearing is scheduled with the express purpose of determining whether or not you are a good candidate for release during the course of the trial. If you are, then the judge sets an amount for bail. Most individuals do not have the cash on-hand to meet the full amount of the bail. This is why bonds are necessary.

While a percentage of the bail amount must be paid to secure a bond from our company, we also accept other forms of securities. Based on the amount of the bail, we may even require certain collateral. The bond we provide is an assurance that you will appear for future court dates. Should you fail to appear in court, we face being re-apprehended and placed back into the jail system.

Judge's Stand in Courtroom in Houston, TX

Payment Plans Available for Clients Like You

We understand that many people are financially unable to put up the money needed to secure appearance bail bonds. Because of this, we offer payment plans to qualifying clients. To find out more about these plans, don't hesitate to consult us at your earliest convenience.

If you have questions or concerns regarding appearance bail bonds, look to Freebird Bail Bonds. Contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your bail needs. We proudly serve the bond needs of Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Spring, and Richmond, Texas.

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