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Appeal Bonds in Houston, TX

Too often, convicted criminals attempt to abuse the appeals system. This is why bonds are required to reserve the right to appeal punishment or sentencing. When it comes to appeal bonds in Houston, TX, you can feel confident turning to Freebird Bail Bonds. Over careers spanning more than 30 years, our professional bondsmen have assisted clients through a wide range of situations. 

From arrest to conviction and even beyond, we continue to provide exceptional assistance to ensure the swift release of incarcerated individuals. With our help, it becomes easier than ever to stay sentencing and judgment until after the appeals process is over. The earlier in the case that a bond is secured, the swifter the appeals process can begin.

Appeal Bond: What You Need to Know

An appeal bond is essentially a form of a surety bond. This means that instead of paying the full amount required for the bond up front, you can choose to only pay a fraction of that amount in order to secure the bond. However, along with the upfront payment, appeal bail bonds must be collateralized up to 100%. 

This means that under no circumstances are you able to escape liability should you be unable to pay the remainder of the bond or if the appeal proves unsuccessful. We often require that valuable property be used as collateral so that our resources, and the resources of the court, aren't wasted. If you are unable to provide the collateral yourself, a cosigner may be able to guarantee the bond on your behalf. 

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Learn More About Appeal Bail Bonds Today

Have you and your lawyer decided to move forward with an appeal? Then there is no time to waste in securing a bond. Our efficient services allow you to move forward with an appeal as quickly as possible. Not only do the appeal bonds we provide cover the costs caused by the appeal, but it also covers interest required by the court. 

Once you've entrusted us with the bond, there are no delays on our end. We submit all necessary paperwork and information in a timely manner, ensuring the bond is approved as soon as it is processed. For many clients, we recommend being prepared to post an appeal bond during the hearing in which judgment is delivered. That way, should the judgment not be favorable, the appeal process is already in motion.

Expedite the appeals process by consulting Freebird Bail Bonds. Contact us today to get secure a bond and reserve the right for appeal. We proudly serve Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, Spring, and Richmond, Texas.

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